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Who are we:

The original entity (Kayan one) Established in 2008, Majed Mohammed Amin Al-Arnaouti for Contracting and Trading, its allies and partners, is specialized in marketing on behalf of others, operating and developing, managing property, construction and commercial agencies in an innovative and professional manner that suits all segments of society for different classes and resources, and making Investment feasibility studies, income-raising studies, real estate valuation and financing.

The original entity (Kayan One) is a group of development and marketing institutions belonging to the Majid Mohammed Amin Al-Arnaouti facilities for Trading and Contracting, which was established to support the objectives of the Corporation and contribute to the realization of the Kingdom's national vision.

The mission of the institution is to bring about a change in the concepts and lifestyles of urban environments, through innovation, promoting communication, social harmony and taking into account cultural and environmental considerations.

It should be noted that (the original entity) has allied itself with a large number of companies, partners and developers at the level of the Gulf States, the Middle East and the continents of the world.